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Below you will find some of Shanee's unique concerts, offered for the Jewish communities worldwide, charities, organizations, corporate events and private events. Whether you’re looking for classics ballads or upbeat, Jewish - Israeli or international, we have it! 

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A musical journey to some of the most beloved Jewish and Israeli songs. "Holyland" features special arrangements and the story behind the songs. Can be set up intimate with high-end produced tracks or accompanied by a live band. This concert is perfect for the Jewish communities worldwide, Jewish organizations, private events, and synagogues.  

An eclectic show of modern opera and international classics. In this concert, Shanee performs songs of Andrea Bocelli, Barbara Streisand, Cellin Dion, David Foster, Lara Fabian, Sarah Brightman, Etta James, Diana Ross, ABBA, Tom Jones, and many more. Perfect for corporate events, annual celebrations, Gala events, fashion shows, and private events.

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As the founder and creator of Dr. Music, Shanee performs a themed/holiday concert for children and families! Featuring some of the most beloved songs we all grew up on.
An educational concert, combining English and Hebrew, for any child, parent, or grandparent who wishes to learn the holiday songs and sing along. From traditional to original lyrics and melodies written by Shanee. This concert is perfect for the Jewish communities worldwide, and the Jewish preschools through high schools. A treasure of holiday songs along with storytelling, written and arranged specially for each age group!

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